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Shopping at Home Depot my check was denied. I called telecheck from the store. 5 minutes of entering data before I could speak to someone. When the barely understandable clerk answered, he said that I was denied not because of insufficient funds, but because the check was risky because it was check #4108 and the last check cleared on my account was #4106. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was disconnected!

I came home and called. went through the whole thing again, and was told that there wasn't enough money in the account. There was literally 10 times enough to cover the check. Requested a supervisor and guess what? Disconnected again.

Called a third time and told them that if they disconnected me again the next person they would hear from would be my attorney. Gee, the phones were suddenly working. The 3rd supervisor I talked to said my check was denied for 4 reasons.

#1 the amount. $165.77 She said that anything over $100.00 would be denied.

#2 the check number. Mine was 4108

#3 the frequency. I don't use this account often. I admit that.

#4 my history. I am 57 years old and have NEVER written a bad check.

I requested a copy of the information used to determine that my check wasn't good. She told me that they would send me an APOLOGY letter. Like that's going to do anything.

I requested a list of stores that contract with them, so as not to shop there. She told me that they didn't know which retail merchants used their services!

Sorry HomeDepot, you just lost my business. And, we were just there last night looking at a refrigerator and stove. I am telling everyone I am in contact with about my experience with HomeDepot and Telecheck.

Boycott merchants who use this service.

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