Akron, Ohio
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I wrote a check at Giant Eagle,overdrew my account by accident.Cleared everything up with all the fees I paid to the bank and for the check.A few weeks later I went to Marcs(large grocer/retailer here in Ohio)wrote a check for 16.00 for some groceries,my check was declined.I was confused as I had never bounced a check with this merchant.Was told I was on the list for a bad check from Giant Eagle which was cleared up weeks prior and was a simple accident.Screw checks,I will just use cash or Debit card from now on.Telecheck you suck!!!!

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Who is Telecheck to tell any one if they can or can not write a check. I have had problems with them since x-mas.

I apparently wrote a check for more than they allow. I called & asked for a list of there merchants that use them so I can avoid using any of those stores.

But they can not give that information out. But they can decline your check & make you feel like an *** at the store.


When you wrote the bad check at Giant Eagle, they notified Tele-check and you were listed in their system. They did not notify when the issue was resolved.

If you call Telechck and inform that that the issue has been taken care of, they will remove the flag from your account. It is not so much Telecheck in this case, but either the merchant of the bank not following up after you fixed the issue.

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