Forrest, Illinois
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Today I presented a check for $770 as payment for materials purchased at Home Depot. Home Depot uses Telecheck to verify checks.

My check was refused by Telecheck even though there was nearly $13,000 (thousand) dollars in the account. I talked to some rude person at Telecheck to find out how this could be only to find out they use fly by night procedures that DOES NOT include communicating with the bank the check is drawn on to verify sufficient funds exist. Instead they use some ivory tower model based on theory....not the real world. I also contacted Home Depot to let them know my displeasure with the situation.

The fact they need to realize that in the information age and with the world internet (information superhighway) they need to rely upon an organization that uses easily obtainable FACTS not THEORIES to determine the validity of a customers check.

Home Depot NEEDS TO DUMP TELECHECK OR I WILL DUMP THEM (Home Depot). Others who have fallen to this Telecheck trap need to do the same and maybe companies like Home Depot will make the change.

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