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Starting in March my mentally challenged son found a blank check book my wife had hidden.Her name appears on the checks as ITF, because he is not permitted to handle his handicap monies. A bank account is necessary for him to receive hie disability payments direct deposit.

Around Mar. 1st he forged his Mom's name on a check, took it to Walmart and they cashed it for him with Telecheck approval.He did this like 5 times a day until the checkbook balance of 2400.00 was gone and when I did my routine look at the bank statement on March 7th on the internet I saw that the account was minus -$99.00. So I quickly went into the bank that day and closed out the bank account and opened and new account but we left Johnny's name off of it.On the 3rd week of March I got a phone call from a rude employee of TRS an affiliate of Telecheck telling me that I owed for 19 bounced checks to the sum of $4690.39. This rude fellow gave me 3 options to settle this.

First is have my mentally challenged son arrested. Second is he would have my 75 year old wife arrested and number 3 is pay the debt of $4690.39. I decided to pay the debt from my wife and my account, I figured that I would probably just waste that money on food and medicine anyway. My question is how does Telecheck approve for cashing 19 worthless checks in a weeks time on a balance O and closed account.

On March 7th I closed the account and it was not till March 12 and $4000.00 later when Telechech declined the first check. I even wrote 3 letters to Walmart to see if there is anything that can prevent this type of thing from happening. I got one email from them telling me to call Telecheck, in other words don't bother us. I'm 80 years old and I never would of thought this could even happen.

If you need more info let me know. Well lets see what Telecheck got to say.

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First, if anyone really did threaten to have anyone arrested, they violated any number of state and federal laws governing collections, so feel free to sue if you can prove that. TeleCheck has massive turnover in collections where people work on commission, so people do get out of control and get fired for it, but every call can't be monitored so sometimes, collectors do go off the ranch.

Something you need to understand is that banks do not share information on account balances with anyone. Also, they do not issue lists of closed accounts. So, TeleCheck and other companies like them don't know there is a problem until checks start bouncing and even then, not always right away, as good people do bounce checks sometimes. One thing you don't mention... how did your son manage to identify himself? Had he stolen his Mom's ID or forged one? Or, did the merchant fail to ask for identification at all?

Sadly, all TeleCheck can do is tell a merchant whether they think a check will clear based on past history and on risk models. In your case, they were right until the account got overdrawn. There is some responsibility on the part of the merchant to make sure that the woman in front of them is the one named on the check, not a challenged young man.

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