Livingston, New Jersey
Not resolved

Went to a store that I use quite often. My check was refused.

Over 900 in the bank and it was refused. No reason was given, no excuse.When I called TeleCheck, the computer hung up on me twice. So far, I wasted 9 minutes. Then the third time that I called I got a man who called himself Joel.

He hemmed and hawed and wanted a whole bunch of information. Refused to give a reason for the refusal. He hung up on me after 8 minutes. I called back, got Sarah this time.

I asked for a supervisor-got Joel again. I asked for a different supervisor, he hung up on me again. Four times that company either hung up on me with the computer or with their employee Joel.

I do not appreciate their tactics.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Two Ton Tilly

I have recently gone back to the store and wrote a check, had no problem. They said that their system was down, but accepted the check.

Wish that I knew what was going on. :?


ps I am from Belton Texas, not NJ. The store where this happened has some things that I cannot get other places.

Their manager is not responsible for what happened.

TeleCheck does not cooperate with anyone. They have their own agenda.


Complain, in person to the manager of the store. Then, complain to corporate if they are a chain.

Then, don't shop at that store. Ever.

You cannot win but you can express your disgust with the store and their use of Telecheck. Even if you have to pay a bit more, I would avoid that particular store.

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