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I live in a very small city with a small walmart and a united supermarket and we have 3 convenience stores. Many small towns are around us in 30 mile radiuses but the major cities are 2 hours away.

I recently have had trouble with stores accepting my checks through telecheck. One check was overwritten due to my error on black friday 2012. It cleared 3 days later and telechec k passed their charge 10 days later. I called their 800 number and there was nothing negative on the account.

Since then I have attempted to write2 checks at Rue 21, 2 checks at Walmart and a check at Shell gas station, all of which did not go through. Telecheck said that it has nothing to do with bad debt, I don;t owe them anything but that my account is not passing their screening process. Reasons: possible low check number (one thousands), check history, time and place of where and when I am writing the checks. They said it has nothing to do with the bank.

Each check will be reviewed on an individual process at the time of attempting to write a check.

Their suggestion is to wait another 5 days without trying to write a check off of this account.

Well, it appears that Telecheck has a monopoly in this city as well as having bad business practices.

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Baldwin, New York, United States #595026

hope you eventually got to write check s again but here's my question, why do people write checks? there's a reason why we have debit cards.

Checks are the easiest way to getting your identity stolen, and if the check happens to be presented to your bank before or after the funds are avaiabe in the accl, you are screwed. to avoid the hassle, upgrade to the 21st century.

to anonymous Nashville, Tennessee, United States #625985

Anonymous, you are a troll or you work for telecheck. I see your responses throughout this site usually pointing fingers at the customer.

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