Kansas City, Missouri
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I have been writing checks ($300-400.00) at Walmart for years now with no problems. Today I attempted to send money to my daughter in Texas by money transfer using my checking account through Walmart Moneygram and was turned down because TeleCheck would not approve.

Now, I do not know why they turned this down, I have money in my account, I write checks around town and have never had a problem. My daughter has no money, no gas and no food and needs this money yet telecheck will not approve.

There is a mistake some where that needs to be cleared up, telecheck should send a notice if indeed they are going to turn down my checks. I do not have a history of writing bad checks and have had this checking account for over 10 yrs, I don't get it!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Same thing happened to me. I believe it is so TC can charge you a fee and then they "release" your account...In other words, it is a scam.

Richardson, Texas, United States #590161

So anonymous are you trying to say they suspect everyone who only periodically writes checks identity has been stolen. Telecheck...what a *** joke

Sacramento, California, United States #582309

I know how frustrating this can be as I had a similar experience recently. Check out the video I put on youtube by typing "telecheck discriminates" in the search bar at the youtube site. I am still making formal complaints against Telecheck for the way they treat as "honest" check writers.


Google telecheck and find out what they do. It isn't your account or history or anything, it is they suspect your identity has been stolen.

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