Baltimore, Maryland

I have no idea who/what Telecheck is but aparently they don't care too much for our checks or our money because my husband tried writing a check at Wal-Mart today to buy boots for work and the check was denied. The cashier couldn't give him any answers only gave him a reciept with a phone number to call.

We had the money in the account to cover this purchse - WAY more than enough. When I called Telecheck, they want all of your information to "verify" the problem.

When I refused, I asked the woman, "why can't you just tell me what Reason 02 means and what Code 4 means?" She kept saying "You have to verify your information so I know what the problem is." When I told her I didn't feel comfortable giving away my name, my husband's name, my address, my routing number, my account number, etc., she said, "if you don't give me the information I can't help you." and then she HUNG UP on me. Still don't know why our check was denied.

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SAME thing happened to me. TC are a bunch of *** idiots. :(

Sacramento, California, United States #582308

Telecheck treats us honest check writers (those who keep money in their accounts to cover their checks) like dirt. I had similar experience as your husband.

You might like to see the Youtube video I made about my experience: It can be seen by typing "telecheck discriminates" in the search bar at the youtube site. I am still in the process of making complaints against this horrible company.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #580029

Google telecheck and you will find out how and why they operate.

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