Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Telecheck is a joke. They have denied 4 of my checks in 1 week.

I have been unable to get gas and go to work and have had to wait for my husband to bring me money. Telecheck claims it is due to little activity on the account. Come on it's a new account and it takes a while to get your checks. I will always have little activity on myaccount if they will not approve my checks.

This company needs to go!!!!!!!!! Accepting a check needs to be between the stores, customer and banks. NOT THIS OUTSIDE PARTY. I WISH THE WOULD GO UNDER!

They can't speak english, they are rude and telling me their duidlines. Who are they to interfer with my life and lively hood???

Monetary Loss: $200.

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If you have bounced a check(any account) with telecheck in a year they will deny checks. And "BOUNCING" counts as being flagged for low funds meaning you might have money in the account but not enough to cover the check at this time.


Can't you go to your bank and get cash? I always keep a fair amount of cash in my purse, because I don't like to write a lot of checks.

also there should be buses or cabs that you could use to get to work.

Granted you would need some money to use those facilities, but the buses especially would be considerably cheaper than operating a car. If you really want to get to work, I'm sure you can find a way.

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