Livingston, New Jersey

Telecheck is stopping me from writing checks from perfectly good accounts with ample funds. No past issues with checks or accounts either.

Federal Trade Commission contacted and complaint filed. Everyone must contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. This must be stopped. I also requested a list of merchants that do not use Telecheck so that I can spend my money with merchants that are not involved with Telecheck.

There is no reason for Telecheck to be involved in my check writing what-so-ever.

This is a total invasion of privacy. They have given me fraudulent information about my own accounts.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #721510

We are having the same issue...cant write checks at a few places where we live and have never had an issue with checks. Called our bank and they said everything is fine!

This Telecheck company is bs and its super embarrassing to go to write a check and it be declined like u have no money! SUPER pissed off customer here too!


I encountered the same problem today when I was about to purchase a TV from Best Buy Store for the sum of $734.36. When the store clerk tried to process the check it was declined!

On the back of my check the cash registered printed the Telecheck info and a 7 digit Denial Record #. I called Telecheck to ask why and then requested to speak to a live rep. A woman named Glen in Philippines asked me a few questions first and then told me I did not have enough history with them and haven't processed enough checks with them and that's why I was declined!!! I told her that was BS becasue I have had checking accounts with various banks over the past 30 years and have written check over and under this amount and have never ever had this issue.

She could not help me and was not helpful at all.

She then asked for my Driver License number and then she said I do have history under that and that she was going to make a note of that on my file. Then I asked her if it was ok now if I go back to the same store and write a check, she said she wouldn't know until I try it and see if it goes thru!!!!

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