Urbana, Illinois
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Went to a home depot to get a item that was on sale. i know many of the people that work there.

I usually use a credit card but this time i decided to use a check so you know what happen they decline me. it made me feel so low like i was trying to rob them. and you have all other people looking at he has no money and he is trying to buy that item. nobody know why it was decline.

I know it was not me the bank account had over hundred thousand dollar in it.

that sure scarce me i could of had a heart attack speeding to get home to jump on the computer to check my account. ANY STORE THAT I SEE THAT WILL HAVE TELECHECK I WILL NOT SPEND A DIME IN THEM

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does menards or dunhams use telecheck


Declined due to you being broke and have no money in bank. Good day to you sir. EndGame.


And then, trying to find out WHY your cheque was declined can be almost impossible. I agree that absolutely no one should go to a store that uses telecheck because I have been reading far too many complaints about them.

But, from the store's standpoint, they have cut down on their bad cheques significantly by using Telecheck. All in all, it is always best to use cash or a credit card, depending on the amount and type of purchase.

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