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Got call from telechek telling me my check at Home Depot was written from closed acct.Not closed.

They wanted me to pay check and the fee associated with it. I looked through my check statement, and there was a check from Home Depot not cleared yet. Although, there was six checks to Home Depot that cleared after this one check. So I really don't know what happened.

Anyway, my bank faxed verification that my acct is open to Telechek. When I tried to call them back to make sure they received my fax, there is no number to call. In fact no dispute telephone number. I was on phone for at least two hours talking to people who would transfer me to the same automated message.

Finally one told me they don't have a phone number for dispute. I told her I just faxed them. "They have fax but no telephone number" she said. I told her must be a scam if no number to call.

I will pay the check, but no fees for a mistake I have nothing to do with.

I don't know why these big corporations like Home Depot even use Tele Chek.If there is a problem all they do is refer and charge fees.

Monetary Loss: $53.


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I had a similar experience with a check written to home depot.Telecheck is little more than a scam.

Tehy want me to pay fees for their error. Try calling Rick Foster at 1-800-735-3362. Customer service at first data.

First data is the parent company of telecheck.he wont do much for you other than tell you to do they are a victim in all of this, but after recieving enough complaints they may do something

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