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My purchase at SleepTrain mattress center was paid by a check which was run through "Telecheck" system and declined with a Code 4. The clerk then ran my 'checkcard visa' through and wiped out my daily limit (read no more Christmas shopping today) and that went through with no problem.

I immediately went home and called my bank and my bank denied declining my check. My bank confirmed there was more than enough in all my accounts to cover the draft and reminded me I had overdraft protection should there would not have been a problem with a check on their end ever. The clerk told me to call Telecheck and wished me luck since she said there were many complaints like this. After over an hour on the phone with foreign customer service reps, I was told that I appeared to be a potential credit risk even though I have no record of returned/bounced checks.

It is a POTENTIAL risk based on nothing they could confirm to me over the phone except to say it is a ratio based analysis.

At this point I am certainly considering cancelling my order with SleepTrain and never doing business with merchants who use this kind of reporting system. I will contact my local news station and file a complaint for an investigation of TeleCheck and their activities which surely seem illegal, in the meantime, complaints by customers would be given more weight if we refused to do business with merchants who take our money from our Visa check cards but will not trust our banks to approve our checks.

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