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I made a mistake with my check register and did not transfer money until a day later. I bounced a check that was $36, when I got the notice I called tele check to resolve the matter that was November 20th, I have even been sent a notice that I am in good standings, however when present a check it get declined.

I asked them why and I get told that the system has to update and that I should not write any checks for 7 days, Mind you that it has already been 25 days since I resolved this matter. I just don't understand? I believe this is profiling, when I directly asked them that question they said "yes" it is our right to! But it will still take you 7 days to be able to start writing checks again at our Merchants again.

I have new for every company that uses Tele-Check. I will not be doing any business with you, not everyone is a criminal.

Monetary Loss: $37.

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