Oak Brook, Illinois
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I recently found out about this company because they denied my payment to Amazon.com using my bank account. I have used the same account for many purchases with Amazon, and so never have had to think about the middleman.

Suddenly I try to purchase an $86.00 TEXTBOOK for school, and I am not allowed to because TELECHECK decided this was "outside of my normal purchasing habits."

I am going to blog and write about this as much as possible until someone does something about this company and it's horrible business practices. If I have to write a letter to every person possible, or blog until I'm blue in the face...I do not believe businesses should be able to decide what I can spend my hard-earned money on.

Monetary Loss: $86.

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tele check did me the same way my bank paid all my checks to amazon,and now i cant buy from amazon,never had a problem before,it been 8 months now a problem,tele check is a fraud.

Iglas, Uttar Pradesh, India #216154

Telecheck has done the same thing to me via Amazon.com, but worse. We can all pull up our purchasing history in one click, a monkey can do it. Telecheck says I purchased something from Amazon on October 29, 2010 for $27 and change, yet Amazon does not confirm this. While I do remember running my checking account through Amazon at one time - and being denied for no reason - then doing it again - and being denied for no reason (saying my account number was wrong???)

If there was no item purchased on that date, then how are they able to harrass me and my family endlessly for $27. They call 4x a week. Every Sunday at 8:00am - because I refuse to pay.

You can write a CEASE AND DESIST letter to the company and ask them to contact you only by mail allegedly at PO BOX 17450, Denver, CO 80217 - but what am I to do?

Pay a company $27 for an item that never existed, or have them report me delinquent for 180 days, killing me credit. It seems were are all being swindled here.

Telecheck says that if the order is placed, Amazon ships it out - even if the account # is bad. They are merely collecting on this debt. Well if there is no record of ANY purchase on October 29 - then what am I being charged for?

When I ask what it is - they say "Legally sir, we cannot tell you." WTF - are you serious?

I have a dreadful feeling this is a 100% scam. There is no way to verify anything.

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