Denver, Colorado

Telecheck does more than steal money from our accounts. Telecheck rewrote a check over my check

(deleting the inside) and cashed a $20.00 fee when

there was a clerical error on my account. They did not notify me that they were taking the money out,

so bouncing two more checks. Luckily my banker has made notes, but could not recover the 20.00 and is not allowed to reverse the fees, due to the fact that

King Soopers/Kroeger, Telecheck Services does not have a number to telecheck to straighten out the error.


Telecheck has stopped my new checks from going through before this situation, because they have

an error on their part from over 6 years ago, and will not identify my account number from a bank that no longer exists.

I think telecheck has gotten so big, that their bookkeeping is lax, and they punish consumers with collection and fraudelant collection procedures (like using a copy of my check to cash a check) This practice is what constitutes fraud on criminals parts, when they steal your check and then make copies to cash.

Help, when is the government going to stop these practises?

Monetary Loss: $68.

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If there is a class action suit, I want to be a part of it. 601-372-3332.


just send me your name, adress and telephone number and I will make it a class action suit.

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