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Check declined because there is no historical data, are you kidding me, merchant loses out at best buy and they could care less. A check is no longer any good regardless of your money in the bank, is this really what we have come down to.

Trying to buy my granddaughter kindle fire, month old checking account and told by tele check I need to write smaller checks because there is no historical data on this account, that is so ignorant and there has to be a way for the merchant to override the decision. I use to think a check would be the best way to purchase things.

Monetary Loss: $261.

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I very rarely write checks. After my last experience with Telecheck I will avoid them altogether and use my debit card in hopes Telecheck will go bankrupt.

Someone stole my debit card, drained my account causing an automatic draft to be returned. The draft was represented by Telecheck and paid a couple of days later however I was still charged a $40 returned check fee they tried to hide the fee by presenting to my credit union as a draft from the company the automatic draft was setup with. On top of that my next draft was declined because all of a sudden I have to rebuild a check writing history. No thanks.

I understand people write bad checks and should be charged fees if left unpaid or the company has to spend resources on collecting the money. MasterCard debit from now on.

Because telecheck is a "trusted" check processor and collects data to determine individuals check writing worthiness they should be subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Soon I hope Telecheck will be a thing of the past like checks are quickly becoming.


and they wonder why consumer spending is down. Situations like this are horrible for our economy.

Telecheck is required by law to give you a copy of your consumer file. They are also required by law to have a 1-800 number posted so you can do so. I would encourage you to obtain a copy of your file to make sure it is accurate.

Good luck and don't let that stop you from shopping. We need to support the USA's economy in it's recovery.

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yes tella cjeck i dont like at all .do you no it comes from china.they controll it. i went to walmart to times and they would not take my check.i have never pounce a check in my makes you fell like you have done something rong, dawn

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