Orange Beach, Alabama

I drove 30 miles to buy a laptop comp. 794.10 had 3000 in the bank.

Your wonderful ck. Co.processing declined my ck #701190382815. I EXPECT TO HAVE MY TIME AND GAS 3.55/gal. I get 25 mi./gal.x2 it took two hrs.

At 30.00/hr. Aught to be about right. I also have a child with cerebral palsy. So it's an ordeal not an inconvenience.

Pissed. GEORGE W. WILLIAMS 502 w. Broadway sommerdale AL.

36580... Expect satisfaction within the next week. 1/14/12. Had a prob.

At walmart over a 14.00 ck.

Best buy was where the comp. Was!!!

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Do you really think that Telecheck cares that your child has Cererbal Palsy? If it such an ordeal order online.


It seems Telecheck does not like your bank way in *** will they compensate you for your time and gas, you are living in fantasyland if you think that will happen!


Correct, you should not be using checks in public for any reason. Very risky in today's banking world. Get a credit card!!


Ok, so telecheck doesn't like your cheques. You go to plan B, which is to use a credit card or cash.

Stop whining and playing the victim. Life is tough, especially when you're not playing with a full deck.

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