Rochester, New York

I own a business, shop at sams club every 2 weeks for some of our supplies and usually spend between 150 to 350.00. I only spent $59.00 this one time, my check went thru, but in about three weeks, I received a letter from TRS collection agency, there was no warning, no calls, just a letter indicating that my check did not clear the bank.

they were charging me for 59.00 plus 25.00 penalty. I went to my bank where I do business, and the manager reviewed my account and said there was no reason for the check to be kicked back. If this was the case, he said the bank would have charged me for lack of funds. He printed everything out, and there was no record of that check reaching the bank.

I did have to pay the $59.00, as I did owe that much. I didn't pay the fee from TRS collection. As A business owner, My time and accountants time to researh the issue, I generated an invoice for TRS and never heard from them again. I also I told them that their account is past due for my unnecessary research of their mistake, and was going to report their company to the 3 credit bureaus.

I believe that a clitch in the system had created this problem and I always wonder how many other people have gone thru the same thing, and had paid it in fear of tarnishing their credit rating.

I hope that some Lawyer is reading this, as an investigation is in order which may lead to a class action suit. SAMS CLUB uses tele-check system, telecheck is the company that hired TRS to do the collection.

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