Germantown, Maryland

My first incident with these people is right before Christmas. I was declined at a Wal-mart.

I was told that I did not have enough history to write a check. Since then I have been declined over and over. First for not writing enough checks then today for writing to many checks. What I want to know is how the *** these idiots got this much power.

They all but told me that they can declined me any time they want and they do not care how much money I have in my checking account. This *** I was talking to could have cared less. On Sunday I was declined at Walmart. I called these idiots and they called the automated system with my bank to verify my balance.

Today the Supervisor said that they were not authorized to do that. I told him that this was done on Sunday. He refused to do this. I asked to speak to someone above him and of course the main office is closed.

Be aware that once they decline you it will occur all the time. Now I have to take cash out (which is not good to carry around) in case I am declined. I will be contacting Trouble Shooters tomorrow and if that does not work I will be calling an Attorney. My sister had to pay for my groceries and gas so that I can go to work tomorrow.

I now have to make an appointment with my Doctor due to the mental and physical stress these idiots have caused me. Lawyers love this *** and will take this case in a heart beat. They will tie tele-check up in court for an eternity. I love it.

I have the names and employee number for each of the individuals that I have spoken to in the last 2 weeks. I think I will pull their butts in court also. Let's get them all. Let's see how they feel having their lives turned upside down.

I don't care about them or their tiny little lives.

Be aware of business that use tele-check. Unfortunately they have no power over these people.

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this was hilarious. thank you for brightening my day sir. ahaha


Google Telecheck and find out what they do and why they do it. After reading so many complaints about them, I Googled them and when they deny a check it is because there is a possibility of identity theft.

It isn't unsafe to carry a moderate amount of cash. You don't have to let people know how much cash you are carrying on your person.

If you were mugged and robbed, having cash stolen from you would be no different than having you check book stolen and the thief writing dozens of checks before your account got closed. In fact the thief would probably get less cash from you than what he could get out of your checking account, just by writing a couple checks someplace where he knows they aren't apt to ask for his ID.

to anonymous #590569

anonymous, you must work for telecheck. they are a horrible company and abuse their power.

to hate telecheck #595021

there is a legitimate reason for why over 300,000 merchants and counting use telecheck. do your homework.

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