This all started when I wrote a check to Walmart.The check was sent back but then cleared the next day by my bank.

Now whenever I write a check I never know if it will be denied by Telecheck. Doesn't matter if it is for $30.00 or $130. They have told me that I don't have enough "history" and each check will be "judged" individually. This should be illegal.

They do not have access to banking info so their system is making decisions based on what ? If you ask them they cannot tell you.. just the same "you do not have enough history" Some thing needs to be done to stop this practice.

It is one thing if you have an outstanding check that needs to be made right but to indiscrimanetly deny checks just because they want to is not right.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #726405

I have been writing checks thru same account for over 10 years, never had an issue with a check.Recently a lein was on my acct for 24 hrs in error.

The min it was found, it was fixed. All outstanding checks were paid (all 2) and no other problems. I then went to give a check to a smoke shop and it was declined...I had no clue why..thinking it was back to other error, code on receipt..3. I called telecheck and was told that they have updated acct..and I can use checks..so went back 4 hrs later...declined code 4...then the next day..3 times is a charm..same thing code 2..which same as above, not enough history.

I was literally furious...I called and told them that 10 years same acct..blah blah..they say that since it was an item return, (bank says no item returns in history) that my status starts as a new acct and I have less history then telecheck accepts..but the real clincher...I checked my bank acct today, and found that telecheck charged me $25 as a return item fee, on 2 checks that were never returned.

I spoke w/ both store owners and they have agreed, no checks were returned..So now telecheck are not only sneaky liars, they are also theives since no checks were returned by they charged me $25 for 2 in total $50 and will not return it.It makes sense why people go postal when you have companies out there that will stand behind a totally pucked up system to make a living...no history my ***.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #723596

What do you mean, the check was sent back, but cleared the bank the next day?That doesn't make any sense.

When Telecheck refuses a check, it is done at the time you write it, right in the store. From what I have heard the reason most checks are refused is because there is reason to suspect identity theft or fraud. One way to solve the problem is to go to your bank and take out a certain amount of cash to last a certain amount of time.

The only checks I write are to pay bills and for cash.That way I don't have to worry about whether or not a check will be accepted.

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