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I have had the same account for the past 5 years, I have no bad debts and rarely write checks but in this case, thats all I had, My spouse and I share a bank card to cut down our spending and save our money. However, we always keep a checkbook on each of us just in case.

I needed to pick up his medication and the telecheck system denied me, I now know because I rarely write checks. Why would a company choose their services I do not know.

I have ran a business for almost 9 years and would rather accept the good checks rather than refuse them. I am writing everyone I know and telling everyone I can, Tele Check, What A BIG JOKE Your Company Is!

Monetary Loss: $217.

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Sacramento, California, United States #582310

Telecheck treats us honest check writers (those who actually keep money in their bank accounts to cover their checks) like ***. I have also had a recent experience with Telecheck that caused me alot of frustration.

Check out the video I made about my experience.

To see, type "telecheck discriminates" in the search bar at the youtube site.

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