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I was denied a check at Office Depot When I called to find out why its because I wrote a check for over 700 and that seemed like a big amount to them. Never bounced a check since the account was opened the check was in the 14,000.00.

The explanation for the denial was factors that they could not explain. Do not write a check for nearly 7 seven days

The read from a script for 15 minutes explained and apologized but had no supervisor and could not explain why.

At no time could she tell me why the check was denied.

Monetary Loss: $793.

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TeleChek has twice declined checks on my good checking accounts. I called and they said a debt is owed to SunTrust (who I heard OWNS Telechek!) from 7 years ago!

This is an unsubstantiated zombie debt for sure!

TeleChek is, in essence, freezing your checking account funds without having to go through the court system to do it. We consumers need to contact our favorite retailers and let them know that if they continue to use these third-party screw ups that we will no longer spend our hard-earned money with them! are you listening WalMart.

CVS, Tractor Supply, and Publix?!?!? (ANd TeleChek did ask for my social security number!)

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