Cincinnati, Ohio
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Recently I wrote a check at Save a Lot and it was approved. Telcheck said the account was closed and billed me for the groceries and a $30 fee.

It took two weeks to resolve that situation. A few days later I was refused at Walmart and had to leave two carts of groceries behind. And today Meijers has refused my check. Somebody has to rein this company in!

They can ruin your credit They don't seem to be accountable to anyone. My account had had over $4000 in it when I wrote the check to Save a Lot and has been open for years. This company has to be answerable to someone.

I would advise people to refuse to shop at any store that uses Telcheck . They are of no help when this happens.

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Actually, the only way to hurt Telecheck is to stop writing checks in public, a very risky thing to do, anyway. Remember, no one at your bank looks at your written checks. Just use a credit card.

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