Saint Louis, Missouri

i went to walmart to buy some things and i wrote a check and was declined. apparently i had written a check in october and was not paid until november but they did not update my account and i was declined, i called telecheck and had them update my account but it took 30 minutes just to talk to a person and i have a pay as you go phone.

it was very embarrasing.telecheck gave a number to call and it was busy all day and i had to keep calling them over and over and never got an answer. when i called telecheck back you have to listen to a machine for 30 minutes or more depending on what you are calling about.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Kemmerer, Wyoming, United States #615247

i attemped To send Money to a Friend In Atlantic City, Money Gram. Well For some Unnone Reason your Company is Now In My Busines.

Your Automated Phone system SUCKS. I know I know The company only a billion dollars last Year! Heaven Forbid You actualy hired And American That actualy Lives here!

No what do you do, put in a 3rd rate mexican phone system that didnt do anything except hang up!It would be kinda nice, If I could call one of these companys, and Talk to a person whos first langualy is English. What a *** consept


I can not understand why I can't even get a Stop & Shop card because back in 1993 I have a bad check. Since I filed Bankrbcy this was all to becleard. I have been back and fourth tying to get this TeleCheck to understand this and they are so rude to me I don't know how they even have jobs as coustomer service reps.

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