Columbus, Georgia
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I called 5 times in one hour trying to clear up a matter, which according to them took place 5 years ago. Each time I called I had to speak with a different person and none of them spoke English clearly so they got irritated because they had to repeat the information several times.

The last person got so angry with me that she yelled. I asked to speak with a supervisor but was told no supervisor was available.

I wonder if the merchants are aware that their customers are being treated like dirt by the employees of Telecheck? There has to be a way to make complaints about the level of customer service.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #845527

I note that the previous comment lists themselves as anonymous. could that be due to a vested interest in the company or possibly an employee? I also had aproblem with them with no previous problem with my account

to davidutefan #859888

You ASSume that the person who posted against the OP works for the company, does this mean you are five years old, because only a five year old would ASSume that if someone states the truth they work for the company, and the OP's English is not that good, so obviously the problem is the OP.


I wonder how childishly and rudely you behaved. Your review indicates that you have an attitude problem which could be the reason they got angry at you.

to Anonymous #859885

shame on you. telecheck is clearly a bad company to deal the blame where it is due.

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