Clarksburg, West Virginia

I have had the same bank account for 30 years. Recently when I shop at a store that uses Telecheck my checks are denied.

When calling in to Telecheck they have no reason for denying the check only wanting additional information, such as verification of funds or telephone number. When asked if they verified funds they informed me yes, however, according to my bank they do not verify funds, only if the account is open or closed. When asking Telecheck why they refer to their paramaters, check writing history as one. When my checks were one month apart from a really nice store I use to deal with, when asked to speak with someone higher I need to write in, to Houson Texas, of course I need to give them all information that one could use to forge documents, copy of DDL, social security number and so on.

When in fact I believe that in house (Telecheck) information is being sold. In one case, a friend of mine, an account was opened at a bank 200 miles away from where this person lives, they had his name, social, address and so on. All checks that were fraudlent were written against Walmart to the tune of over $3,000. Why were none of these checks stopped by Telecheck, in checking the account that was opened in my friends name it was only for a couple of months so Telecheck should have know from the first check that the account was no good.

Telecheck indicates that I need to shop when my bank is open so they can verify my account each and every time I write a check. So does that mean I can't shop on the weekends or at night.

Some of the stores that use Telecheck are Sears, JC Penney and Walmart I wonder how much additional fraud is occurring with these stores due to Telecheck or how many people will no longer shop at these stores, who were frequent purchases.

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