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misprinted check

My check printing company misprinted the bank routing number for our account. I have been trying to contact all places where we wrote checks to to inform them of the problem.

I still have 3 checks outstanding. one was to WalMart., which told me they sent it to Telecheck.

I am just trying to locate my check and make all things right. There is no phone number for customers to call Telecheck and get any help.


signing a check

voting in as a treasury in my church, the job requires me to sign checks presented to the church. I called your customer service and my name was cleared through my address, ssn, and south Carolina DL# gary Sullivan, could you please send me a email so I can present to the mank so I can sign checks and get on with my job. ssn 250-02-6318- addr 309 peachtree street Bethune south Carolina 29009


Check verifed through Telecheck why did it come back as fraudulent

My merchant id is 35614583, check # 276599 dated 07/6/17 was verified through telecheck with approval #4654 in the amount of 451.68. The check was returned to us from our bank as being alter/fict - why? when it was verified through telecheck.


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