I decided to looking at this website and see all the complaints that people are saying. I am a small business owner and I use Telecheck for payment processing.

The reason I went to them is because I had 6 bad checks written to me in 1 month! I lost thousands of dollars because of that and a lot of headaches in the court system. They don't decline you because they are judgeing people or they don't like you! I have a very rich person who had all the expensive items try to pay me by check and guess what, it was a bad check!

The total was over $2,500 dollars and I would of lost ALOT of money. I had a mother of a family of 5 try to pay me with a check and it was a FRUAD check! All of you are consumers but you need to look at the business end! Just think if someone wrote you a LARGE check and you went to cash it but it was declined.

Then you could no longer find the person!

You need to BLAME the criminal's that have CAUSED all of this! If it wasen't for them then we could trust every customer.

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I too just signed up to use TeleCheck for our small business. We lost over $4,000.00 between two bad checks this month.

What people don't understand is calling to verify funds is NOT realistic.

That bad checks are a "civil matter" and the local police don't help.


Hmmm, you could always call the bank to verify that funds are available. That might help.


I wouldn't say I blame telecheck. It is just frustrating when you lose your debit or credit card and all you have is checks.

I normally don't like to write out checks because I understand that now days businesses don't like to accept checks because there have been so many people who have been writing bad checks. It is frustrating to me when telecheck prevents me from using a check to pay for stuff when I know that there is more than enough money in my account to pay for it.

My not saying that businesses or telecheck is to blame. It just sometimes sucks.


This is why so many people use CREDIT CARD'S.When someone write's a check the person does not have any idea weather the check is good are not.Don't blame "TELECHECK".Blame the person who wrote the check.Better still blame yourself for even accepting the check in the first place.

Middleville, Michigan, United States #613683

"Each check will be analyzed individually as it is presented", says Telecheck, who by the way, claims not to make decisions based on credit or information from our financial institution.

Okay, well then explain to me why it is that every single employee that i have spoken with at Telecheck wants to know my ss#, name, dob, address, phone numbers, who is also listed on my account? YOU DENIED MY CHECK, OBVIOUSLY YOU SONT NEED MY INFO IF YOU HAD A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO DENY ME!

I Have NEVER been in a negative standing on any account in my life! I had over $30,000 in my bank and waited in line for 6hrs at sears on black friday. My purchase was $233.67 and low and behold, i was declined! I was told by the friendly little barely english speaking foreigner that they would have to be on a 3lot way call with my bank in order to make sure funds were available. HOW IN THE *** IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN ITS 2AM?

I have been denied 4x since...each time I am given a different reason as to why. Unusual spending, high security alert because check was out if sequence, first time shopping at that establishment and of course, the one i just mentioned.

I AM VERY FRUGAL WITH MY MONEY, but indeed it is my money and i should be fiven the freedom of spending it as i choose, where I chose and on what i choose. I dont have a debit or credit card because its way too easy to abuse the privileges of having one.


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