Largo, Florida
Not resolved

After several years of paying via my bank account at, suddenly Telecheck denies payment although there is money in the bank.

I have written a letter to their corporate offices in Houston, TX as trying to get someone one the phone was not possible. We'll see if that does any good.



TeleCheck Services, Inc.

5251 Westheimer

Houston, Texas 77056

Anger does not even begin to express my emotions at this point.

Using was most convenient. Now it is not. I have contacted amazon and they know nothing. But the regular CS would not be entitled to a lot of info on Telecheck other than their phone number.

when you call Telecheck, they want to know gobs of info before you can even talk to someone. Well, that info is not always handy.

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Brookings, Oregon, United States #1334482

I do not have credit cards. If Amazon and Telecheck cannot accept my previous method of from my checking account, they do not need my business.


I just had the same issue after paying from my bank account for years. I had a large order.

The approved the big ticket items as they were beieng shipped but when they shipped the smaller items they declined it because I made to many transactions in a short period of time.

And when I called tele check the said they couldn't do anything about. :(

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