Fort Worth, Texas
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Today I found 5 checks paid from my business account. All within a week and in the Fort Worth Area.

Checks were given and cashed at local WalMarts. Called WalMart Customer Service no help -- Went to local WalMart and told all checks were processed by TeleCheck. Call them to stop the checks being accepted. After almost an hour of recorded messages at website of TC, all I received was reference to a website and told to send in forms.

Have not found forms and do not think the fraud will stop. Am glad to know of the TC refusal to assist and will not seek their service for my cafe.

In last week checks of more than $1500 have been paid and more expected since no one is willing to discuss the solution. Am tired of pushing buttons that do not apply.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Alachua, Florida, United States #626881

My check was denied at an H&R Block from Telecheck. They claimed I wrote too many checks, except all the places I shop use Telecheck.

When my Credit Union officer called Telecheck, it took 5 attempts to get through. When The Credit Union man said, "how many checks are too many"? He was told , "it depends.

I have a good check writing history. I'm ticked that NO ONE will deal with this company.

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