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I recently wrote a check for $1870 to a furniture store and they ran it through telecheck with no problem.2 days later I was in Walmart and my check was denied.

I call my bank immediately and they said that I had plenty of funds and there was no problem with my account. I was mortified! This was a Friday afternoon and the store was packed. I had to leave my buggy and walk out of the store.

I then went to get my dog at the vet and once again, my check was denied. They were holding my dog hostage until I paid the vet bill. The bank was closed. My husband drove 30 minutes to the meet me at the vets office to get the dog.

I called telecheck for an explanation and all they could say is that I needed to have more history writing checks. I have had the same account for 8 yrs. The lady said I needed to wait 24 hrs-7 days and try to write more checks.

This is ***!!!Their computer does not approve checks based on funds available or credit rating, or anything else, just decides when you haven't had enough history.


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