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Sent my son to drop off a check with the Dentist for his monthly braces payment. They ran the check through Telecheck only to be declined. I went in myself to find out why and we re-ran the check, declined again. The dentist said maybe my bank. So I called Telecheck and they told me I did not have enough history with them, but they could run an update in order to find more history, and I could write more checks to build more history.

In the day of debit cards, we only pay our monthly bills with a check, this system needs to be updated to reflect todays debit card / check usage. Very Very unhappy with Telecheck. I called the dentist back to inform them that it was Telecheck causing the problem with their customers, not my bank, or my bank account.

I will encourage businesses I work with to investigate, and choose another company for this service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Telecheck Cons: Outdated with todays debit card use.

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Nothing to do with you or your bank. The dentist office is wrong to send regular customer checks to Telecheck.

Only new checks or new customers go to Telecheck. I pay my bills with checks as well, and will ditch anyone who sends my checks to Telecheck or anyone else for approval.

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