Clinton, Arkansas
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Have be shopping at my local Walmart for years writing checks no problem. Until yesterday and my check was declined via TeleCheck luckily I had cash to pay for my stuff.

I called all the numbers, it was all automative, could not get a real person. Went online to check TeleCheck website no help there either. Checked with bank, no problems there. Knew there wasn't.

And Walmart can't tell you anything either. They said they use the same numbers. So how do they get anything done?

So what do you do with a company that doesn't have real people answering the phones. What the ***!!!!

Monetary Loss: $330.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #834096

i had THE SAME ISSUE, THEN U GO ON LINE AND THEY WANT YOU TO SEND ALL YOUR INFO ON LINE TO WHO!? no wonder there is more check thieves they can look it up at telecheck i think the gov needs to check into this site i believe they are selling information,

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