Raleigh, North Carolina
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Went to purchased groceries at Food Lion. After presenting my check, cashier handed it back to me and said, "I'm sorry, your check was Declined."

Second time in three months, because my check history of check writing does not fit their model. This was relayed to me by the all Filipino staff on both occasions.

Telecheck can not continue to profit off of the inconvenience, embarrassment, and disrespect showed to Americans who are simply attempting to access monies we worked hard to gather.

It's time to organize and Blacklist ALL merchants using TELECHECK and it's Non USA call center! If those merchants such as Food Lion have that much contempt for their customers that they would subject them to this arbitrary decision process on who can and can not purchase their merchandise so be it.

But good people of America let these slights by Corporate America go unanswered for... and they will continue to treat us like chattel. Enough is enough!

Monetary Loss: $177.

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Camden, New Jersey, United States #596033

The retailer dictates the parameters. There is no leeway on the part of cashiers because they would be violating company policy.

Retailers will lock-step stop taking checks soon enough. Have you thought of a debit card?

This is an easy solution. Why stress.

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