Minot, North Dakota

Check was refused due to very little history & because we write fewer checks than in the past. Talked to a supervisor found out WalMart goes through Telecheck.

We go to WalMart once a week & write a check or use my debit card & no problem. She said it all depends on the system. Every business that uses Telecheck, needs to know the *** service they provide to the customer and change to a different check verification company. I was told to wait 7 - 10 days and try it again.

How can that make a difference if I can't have checks go through their system. Also was told to write more checks, starting with small dollar amounts working up to larger amounts. TeleCheck needs to be put out of business.

I guess I will not be shopping at stores that go through TeleCheck since I have no idea if my check or debit card will process.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #649699

Let us not forget all the big companies posting in the millions and billions. I wonder what kind of risk is expected to be assumed by them.

Naples, Florida, United States #641719

Had so many people not caused the economy to tank with bad checks and unpaid loans, businesses would not need Telechek and services like it.

If you were going to guarantee a check for a business, and pay it out of your pocket if it bounced, would you not also make dang sure the check was good? Telecheck does too.

Your debit card has nothing to do with your check except that the money is in the same account. Debit card funds are automatically guaranteed, checks are not. Use the debit card and stop using checks.

to LadyScot #681381

I fully disagree with you. Stop pointing at the whole basket full of apples and claiming they're all bad when in reality it's just a few of them!

(namely blaming check writers?) I wrote checks in the years past and never bounced one! So. kindly stop assuming by profiling me as you claim many that do! Now, today, everyone lives by their check/ credit card and if they loose it, just about anyone that finds it can swipe it anywhere at any place, use it as a credit card and WHAM!

... you loose! The point is Telecheck has a corrupt system to purposely have the mass populous rely 100% on check/ credit cards. It's called the power of suggestion and control!

"Had so many people not caused the economy to tank with bad checks ..." No, the people to blame are up at Casino Wall Street ... not Main Street!

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