I was at Sam's Club today an telecheck denied a $212 check from an account that had $10000. I have wrote business checks there in the past.

I have a business Sam’s membership. I have never wrote a bad check in my 43-yrs. I was very embarrassed and had to call telecheck from the store phone. It took over 1 hour for them to contact my PNC bank and verify that the funds where there.

My bank laughed when telecheck ask.

The entire telecheck experience was very unprofessional. I own/operate a small business, and if one of my vendors treated my customers the way I was treated by telecheck today I would stop doing business with them!

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Sevierville, Tennessee, United States #971513

Telecheck denied my check today for $600 when I had $45,000 in the bank. The clerk told me I was trying to pass a bad check. I was mortified, especially since I knew the check was good.


Telecheck does not care. Writing checks in stores is a very risky thing and a thing of the past.

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