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A recent trip to Wal Mart for an oil change led to a complete nightmare thanks to Telecheck! I had lost my.wallet but was fortunate to find my checkbook to pay for services rendered.

Wrong! Even though u had money in my checking account, Telecheck had no history on my account so they denied my check. Fine if it had been just groceries, but it was automotive services. The irony is, they had just accepted a check for a larger amount mere minutes before the denial.

To top it off, I had two very hungry and loud toddlers to add to the mix. Associates at the store were whispering and calling others about it while I waited for a family member to drive 45 minutes to come pay for the services u could have easily handled. And what response do I get when I call their customer service. " I n sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you" in very poor English and then an immediate hang up.

Way more than an inconvenience in my mind. I am now boycotting any retailer using Telecheck as I know their services will not support me in an emergency no matter how much money I have available.

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I had this happen just yesterday. They denied checks from two different accounts because there "wasn't enough history," and both had plenty of funds.

When I called them I got a half *** apology, and told them both accounts had been opened years. They told me next time to call from the store.

Are you kidding? I was so embarrassed by this I couldn't leave quick enough.


try using Kroger telecheck wont let my check go through they said go to the bank its issued from how do you go to US treasury department I mean really cant get any information from telecheck just don't see why they cant over ride telecheck


I hear you. I just had that happen to me just minutes ago.

I was trying to get gas to goo to my bank and deposit another check and was denied. Telcheck told me I had to wait 7 days before writing another check.

I only have checks still waiting for my debit card. I told telcheck that I will not use any retailer that uses them.


Amen. Horrible experience had by myself as well.

I am joining in boycot.

Maybe if we can get enough support behind this we can put those sorry bastards out of business. Who writes checks anymore anyhow?


EVERYONE needs to not do business with any company doing business with Telecheck!!! If you havent been majorly inconvenienced by this turd of a company, then count yourself lucky!!

When you call them for an explanation al, you'll get is the run-around, if you don't get hung up on first! This is a sick and disgusting outfit and they need to be run out of business as quickly as possible! If that means bringing the likes of Walmart and Meijers to their knees, then so be it!!! Bet they will pay it forward to Telecheck in such a way that these "hide behind the curtains" turds get the message real quick!

I am beyond furious, and they will keep playing their games until they get spanked!! People had better wake up quick and take action!! The only reason these bags of vomit get away with it is because we let them!!!!! When ( not if) it happens to you, you will know exactly where I am coming from!!

These companies can only operate as long as we shop there! Take a stand


I ve been writing checks for over 25 yrs. Honestly a bounced check maybe once or twice in a year.

But, my bank always covered it, and I paid over draft fees. I've even written checks with insufficient funds and with 24 hrs or less, funds and payment post to my account, especially in emergencies or important situations. So why, now Burlington, Walmart, and even family dollar are denied me with my checks and never have before? Code 4.

I've had insufficient funds before, and never a problem.

So I guess I may try using other stores if there're any not using *** Telechek system. It's crazy!!!!!!


I too have concerns about the companies that use telecheck.They act to quickly on 1 check mistake.The store in question is Meijer it took only one day to flag my checking account as bad now after takling to meijer personal they will finally re-submit the check but this time it will take 7 to 10 business days to have telecheck to hopefully lift this hold.In the mean time I have to find someone else in order to purchase food for my family.Seems to me this process should be reversed instead of favoring the merchant so quickly it should be like the better days when the consumer was trusted to make good instead of rushing to judgement !

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I just had that happen to me at walmart and the staff includong a manager were making jokes to each other . I had bought groceries and household items I called telecheck and they said my bank declined it .

I called my bank they said it was telecheck. The issue is unresolved I just go to Target or use my debit card


TELECHECK; another arrogant corporate entity that moves American jobs to the Philippians and still banners it's web site in red white and blue and the stars and strips.

It's time to let TELECHECK and all the merchants who use them be made aware...Americans will not tolerate being disrespect, humiliated,inconvenience. and treated like chatteljust to improve your bottom line!

"A TELECHECK MERCHANT BOYCOTT" will be planned and executed by the American people through YouTube and other internet gathering spaces.

We will start with laser precision. One merchant at a time until TELECHECK is no longer in business in the Philippians or anywhere else. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


I think the irritating and confusing part is that just moments before I had tried to pay with the declined check, another check went through for misc. items.

So, if they didnt have enough history of my information, then why did that check go through? Usually, I dont use checks, but I had lost my wallet in between work and the store, so it truly was an emergency.

And yes, I have learned not to use Wal-Mart for an oil change even if they are the only shop open after 5:00 pm and my oil is low. I guess my ultimate complaint is that if you are going to decline a check based on "not enough customer history" then be consistent.


i was on telecheck's website. they have a lot of quality standards that the transaction must pass before they approve it.

they store customers (check writer's) information by your license number and expiration date. so if the store doesn't key it in it might get declined as well.

they have a lot of controls before that approve a transaction. you should get a report to see if they have your information in their database

to neeke #1672207

telecheck declined a us treasury check I mean they issued it to me


i think not using retailers that use telecheck is a great idea. but how do you find out which ones do not. i think the retailers should place a sign at each checkout listing all the reasons that their check my not be accepted.


WalMart uses Telecheck in order to reduce the number of bad cheques it gets. The problem with the service is that is does make mistakes,which is normal.

More people pay with a debit card(***)or credit card rather than a cheque. You probably should either carry cash or have a credit card handy for situations like this.

However, the above being said, there is absolutely NO reason to shop at WalMart in the first place. It certainly is not someplace you can trust for an oil change, much less any other automotive repair.

And, even tho you "might" save a few pennies on grocery or general merchandise items, the shopping experience is pretty bad at WalMart---really inept and unknowledgeable employees; terrible customer service; and an attitude on the part of most employees approaching arrogance and "take it or leave it."

I stopped going there and go to Meijer, Target---anywhere else. Even if I have to pay more, at least I enjoy shopping.

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