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I dd not write any bad checks against my account, on the contrary recently my dad was very sick and my mom had to stop driving cause of health conditions. at which time I became thiere care givers.

My dad offered to pay me with checks well I deposited the checks in my accounts and occasasionally the were returned, well then I would have to cover the fees and also the amount of any check just like any other check from any one else.

As I did then my bank reported me to tellacheck systems for suspected iregular activity in my account. Wht and where does this come from I did not write the checks and I was only seeking money earned as well as money spent on thier behalf.

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I have had a horrible experience with TELECHECK too. I posted a video about my experience on youtube if you'd like to see it. Just type in "telecheck discriminates" in the search bar on the youtube site.


Some advice: best you begin thinking of taking over their financial affairs. I went thru a similar situation with my parents.

You need to know all you can about their finances, where everything is----insurance policies, etc.---for when the time comes.

If you know where things are and what they have, it makes it much easier. By the way, make sure you are the executor if they have anything to probate.

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