Citrus Heights, California
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I went to Walmart today to buy a new pair of glasses for $224. But after writing a check, TeleCheck declined, so I had to pay with cash.

The reciept said I should call TeleCheck, so I did. TeleCheck said they know have plenty of money in the bank, and a good credit rating, but declined my check anyway, because they didn't have "a history" on me. So I said lets start one. The operator asked for my name, my address, my bank account and telephone numbera.

When I said "I don't give out my telephone number..." TeleCheck said they need it for my history, so I gave it to her as well. But after handing over all this personal information, it still wasn't enough, so my future checks would still be declined, because they still don't have "a history" on me. No history? I'm a retired welder on SSI, 63 years old, I've lived my entire life in California, I have a $487 mortgage on my house, I pay the county tax assessor $786 every six months, my family has been with Bank of America since 1930, and I've never bounced a check in my life.

So I immediatly asked that all my personal information, banking and telephone numbers be deleted from their computer, only to hear her say, she couldn't. First she says TeleCheck needs this information to get a history on me, and when I handed over everything but my blood type, they said my checks would still be declined. Don't trust TeleCheck to do what they said they'd do with your ultra personal information! Never give it out!

Since I have a choice, I'll never go the Walmart or any other store that uses TeleCheck.

All I wanted was to buy a new pair of glasses, but all I got was a feelng of abuse from TeleCheck, and a lifetime of worry they'll sell my ultra personal information to whoever comes up with $1.75.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $224.

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Missouri, United States #881921

My parents tried to buy a water filter at Sears and their check was declined by Telecheck. They have never written bad checks.

Telecheck rep wanted checking acct# and drivers license # which my dad gave them. Then Telecheck rep wanted his FULL SOCIAL SECURITY# ! He told them no way.

He called his bank and acct had plenty of $. What a SCAM!!!

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #860783

Most big companies use a instant electronic withdrawal form your checking .Wall mart I am sure does this, I try to avoid Wall Mart like the plague .I do shop Sam’s they do use the system I am talking about.

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