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We were doing some Easter shopping at Walmart. Same one we had been to more times than I can count.

But of coarse at the check-out our check wont go through. telecheck gives reason 2, which is a bounced check, now not more than three hours earlier we had just written a $260 check. This check at walmart is only $65. We Called telecheck, and after 20 minutes of BS, we finally talk to a person and find out that we have a bad check from '08 at Well's Fargo Bank.

But we have never banked at Well's Fargo.

I just cannot believe a business can do this to people. And it seems there is no way to stop them!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom #630493

Telecheck is a check guarantee service that many businesses use these days. Too many bad checks over the years has warranted it.

If your check is bad, Telecheck has to eat it and collect it, that is why stores use them so they do not get stuck with it.

Use a debit card or cash. Checks are nearly obsolete these days, and debit cards are immediate payment, good for you and the store.

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