Indiantown, Florida

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Protection division. I just did and maybe if there are enough complaints filed, the FTC will see that there is a BIG problem with TeleCheck declining perfectly good checks by American consumers with NO valid reason for doing so. They are absolutely bogus. I HATE them for the humiliation they have caused me, not to mention the aggravation and inconvenience. Please file a complaint and BE HEARD! The link for the FTC consumer complaint form is below. Good luck and God Bless you all, Terri in Florida

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:( Let's have a national "We Hate Telecheck" Day!!! Go to a Telecheck supported business, fill carts to the brim, go through checkout, after everything is rug up and bagged, ask if they use Telecheck.

When they say yes, walk off. Maybe after stores having their time wasted, resources wasted, added consumer frustration, and lose of business they will finally make Telecheck accountable for their *** business practices. This is just ANOTHER example of how Big Wall Street and Big Business humiliates, inconveniences, and stresses out those in the lower and middle class.

WE CAN DO THIS!!! End class warfare!


THX FOR THE INFO-I'm complaining to the Better Business Bureau too. Their parent company claims to be BBB A+ accredited-yeah, in their dreams!

BBB says they aren't. I think we should all go lawsuit=class action. Everytime they deny us, we get a ding on our credit. NOT FAIR!

Enuf! In my case, I was trying to buy something on Amazon. They verified by bank account, then tell me Telecheck says i didn't pass their test???? Who the h*** said they could show my account to Telecheck?

I told Amazon to stick it-I'm shutting my account down. They acted all-Oh gosh, we r so sorry to hear that-then I see on their forums their customers as far back as 2008 complaining about this company. Really? I say we have the right to use checks if we want-and Telecheck needs to go!

Not kidding about the lawsuit-is there a lawyer in the house? :?

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