Cincinnati, Ohio
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telecheck will still decline checks on checkwriters with cash in their checking account, if they still have problem checks outstanding that they have not made good at the time a new check is written. (no matter where in the country or what bank the check was written) This is an important service for merchants who take checks.

People try to move away from their bad checks and also try to switch bank accounts, telecheck is the only company who can track problem check writers around the country. It also allows businesses to take a check from anyone from anywhere, I am one HAPPY telecheck subscriber!

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Newport News, Virginia, United States #755970

TeleCheck is a big problem for common people. You need to read this entire complaint forum.

You sound like someone who gets paid for reading a script just like all of the TeleCheck staff. They all tell a different story when confronted with facts.

All you have to do is interrupt their script and they start reading again from the beginning.

Russellville, Arkansas, United States #678578

The problem is, they leave these holds on even after everything has been cleared up...I had this happen to me...I paid everything I owed and two weeks later they were STILL declining my checks and treated me like a common criminal when I called in, only to tell me I would have to wait 72 hours before a check would go through...If you set holds to keep my checks from going through, kindly remove them when I have held up my end of the bargin by paying what I owe. Its not as if this was a habitual thing for me...I made a mistake and paid dearly for it, I dont need some faceless voice on the other end of the phone to make me feel worse.

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