I am so sick and tired of telecheck declining checks for no reason, and somehow they can get away with it. I wrote a check for $60.00 at a junk store no less....with over $28,000.00 in the bank, and telecheck declined my check!

I was appalled and sickened! How humiliating to be in a line of people and someone yell out..."Your Check Ain't any Good!!!!" Whhaa???? Called the bank...they were livid...called telecheck...they apologized. That was it....couldn't give me a reason!

They removed any negative info they said, which, where did any come from??? They are a horrible company...causing a lot of people a lot of grief...and there is nothing anyone can do about it! Except...close out the checking accounts...sorry, I really don't want to carry cash all the time! Nor do I want to use a debit card....anybody can pick that up and swipe it...cause that is all you have to do!

No ID required or anything...Pay at the Pump? No thanks!

Telecheck...get it together! What a scam!

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About the only thing you can do is not go to stores that use Telecheck. I usually only pay in cash or once in a while via credit card, but if I had to write a check and some third-party service like Telecheck declined it, I also would be livid, tell the store exactly what I think and never go there again.

to nikalseyn #659555

I agree 100%! I have been on the phone with this charade of a company for about 3 hours this morning and the other day, and made it clear to the supervisor (the final person I talked to) that their system is definitely flawed and, as a business owner, I would much rather take my chances with the customers I deal with than trust their worthless technology and system for PR and customer service.

I intend to avoid (as much as possible) these companies that use telecheck, and patronize and promote the companies that do it the old fashioned way.

This company has been responsible for so much customer anger (and for no good reason)... it is not worth the risk dealing with them.

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