Berea, Kentucky
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Went to Wal Mart this morning to grab a package of TShirts $5.54. 1,200.00 in account and was denied.

Lady behind me paid for them.. Thank you Stacy! otherwise my grandson would have been without his supplies. Called bank plenty of money in account, went to kroger at lunch bought 30.00 worth No problem, called Telecheck Guess what auotmated automated automated.....

THANKS WAL MART AND TELECHECK maybe telecheck's program was created in CHINA... THANKS WAL MART AND TELECHECK guess I'll go to kroger for all my groceries, do they have a discount store as well I wonder?

Pissed and Stressed in the morning.. THANKS WAL MART AND TELECHECK

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I've been writing check at Walmart for years, today I go for groceries and got Code 4 Reason 2, called number provided, could not get anyone on the line or information as to why my check was declined, this is very embarrassing to the customer, Walmart as well as Tele Check needs to be sued seriously


I will be contacting the State Attorney General’s Office. A number of complaints from consumers and they will file a class action themselves.

Everyone should be encouraged to contact their State Attorney General's Office. These places that use out of country processes like this should be stopped as they are ruining consumerism in the United States.

I’ll be doing the same as with a significant amount in my account I was also declined for no reason. I urge everyone else to contact their State Attorney General as well.

to SGrand #1515656

Thank you for the info. I will be contacting that office asap.

I just had that problem at Wal-Mart, after writing so many checks there. No bouncers either!

I don't even know the reason for it and can't seem to talk to anyone at telecheck. I am very unhappy.

to SGrand #1687538

I completely agree. Just tried to pay a pharmacy bill for $57.00 in person on an account I have been using for the past 6 years and was denied by Telecheck.

I have a stellar credit rating.

Called telecheck and received what I consider inadequate information. What a travesty!


You.can sue under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. And obtain punitive damages for thousands.


I had the same problem. I made a report here about it.

Nothing is ever done to correct the issues. In my case I was told by telecheck in these words, " your check wasn't denied due to an insufficient balance and we didn't deny your check because of past bounced checks, we denied your check because it simply did not meet our criteria" what is this nonsense?

So because I bank with a certain bank my check isn't acceptable? They need to stop profiling people.


Anyone thought about filing A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against TeleCheck?

to Snowlioness77 #1375611

Yes, almost everyday. Want to collaborate and compare notes. They are the worst.

to C. Callaway #1692771

went to Walmart in Circleville, Ohio, two weeks ago and had to leave my groceries because of this non-sense. Marched strait to bank manganese's and spent 3 hours determining that all other checks were ok, and my balance was certainly enough to pay for the denied check.

Last week I took cash just in case, but tried agin. Same thing happened.

I have tried to call Telecheck with no success, and have been patched through to every other company on Earth! Sorry Walmart--try again.

Peoria, Arizona, United States #1313446

WORSE COMPANY EVER!!!!! After entering ALL my information TWICE and getting a representative and going through the whole process THEY DISCONNECTED ME - not once, but TWICE!!!!

Moscow, Idaho, United States #1231322

Telecheck does not care, since merchants pay their fees. Get a credit card. Writing checks in stores is very '70's.

Marshfield, Missouri, United States #1223055

I haved the same problem and been told my account was closed I had the same account for about 30 years my checks have been denied and when I call they say can,t find anything wrong . Telecheck is a joke . It takes about 30 minutes to get a human on the line and then you can,t understand them.


the same thing happened to me called Bank plenty of money in the bank Walmart denied bank told me I was good.or they could have me a checking account

Waterloo, Iowa, United States #1078078

Telecheck is a joke. Always pay my bill at sam's with the same check.

For some reason they got reason 2 for declining check. Can't get a human on the phone from telecheck.

Life's to short. Walmart needs to dump these clowns.


Telecheck sucks


Wrote a $25.63 to Walmart Pharmacy was declined code 4 reason 2. Wrote a check at a Liquor store cleared np. To be honest the only people checks I see clear are the Elderly Coodles to them

to Anonymous #1515657

Well, you are wrong on that count. I am a 70 year old senior and my check was denied, after writing many good checks at Wal-Mart. I'm sick if it!

Llano County, Texas, United States #897280

Went to Walmart for 'cheater glasses' for my husband...3 pair, total $19.10. Check declined reason 2, code 4.

Lots of money in bank, bank confirmed it was still there...first time a check declined in 50 years of check writing. Wrote check to HEB for $307 within the problem.

Called telecheck phone number on the declined receipt the Walmart checker gave me...guy named Jacob said he couldn't see any reason for the decline but would have to talk to all other signers on account...BS. Telecheck is inept.

Springboro, Ohio, United States #884943

I had the same thing happen. Used checks the week before at Walmart, This week was declined through tele chk..Cant get anyone on the phone. Have no clue why this would happen..I am going to try to wright a check at a different store and see if it will go through.

Culloden, West Virginia, United States #879660

Same thing happened to me this evening. I also have plenty of money in bank and telecheck declined check code 2.

They sure took my Walmart credit card for the groceries! Embarrassing!

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