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I shop at neighborhood Walgreen's Drugs weekly. I wrote a check for $77.92 for merchandise on June 11, and the check was DENIED.

I put the amount on one of my credit cards (which, by the way) are always paid off at end of month)! I write a check almost WEEKLY at this drugstore!!! I drove a few hundred yards to my bank (in same shopping center); my bank balance was over $6,600.00. I took it back to Walgreen's, and showed the Manager.

He wanted me to go to my car, retrieve the 4 or 5 bags, bring them back to him, and he would 're-scan' them, and see why my check was denied (by Tele-check! I was HOT; I was TIRED; I was ANGRY... I will not try writing checks to Walgreen's any longer; will always put on my credit card, or use CASH! I called Tele-Check and all they could tell me was that I had written an UNUSUAL NUMBER of checks recently.

I have only written my USUAL checks to pay my bills! This company is WHACKO!!!

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Telecheck is the worst check approval system ever and has caused a lot of bad blood with customers not wanting to return denying customers cchecks when they have monies in their accts. Come on Walgreens are you that money hungry not to go with another check approval company ?

Read all the cusomers feedback!!! This is one customer who will not return I'll take my business elsewhere!!!

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #581378

This happened to me at Walgreen's yesterday in Tennessee. Not only embarrassing but also a waste of everyone's time.

I have received Walgreen's corporate number to call and complain. They should look at all the complaints Telecheck has from unethical business practices. They told me I had nothing negative but my check was denied because I didn't meet their criteria. They were not able to tell me what their criteria is and the telecheck representative hung up on me.

He was rude and arrogant.

Well Walgreen's no longer meets my criteria.......any store using this method for check verification has lost my business.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #577592

First, there are two class action suits already filed against this company. One in Tennessee and one against TRS in Maine.

Before you contact an attorney you may want to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is a new agency the government has established to help people who have problems with specialty credit reporting agencies, such as Telecheck. They have an online complaint form and a live chat if you need help.

Good luck to all of you who have issues with this company. Nothing will change unless the good people stand up and be counted.

to CFPB Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #581381

Thanks so much for this information!!!


Tele Check also denied my check. The Store gave me the check back said it was denied.

I gave the Items back so I went to a different store. looking at my account this morning I noticed the Check that was denied was deposited into my account.

They over drew my account now with a check that they denied. Is this Legal?


Tele Check also denied my check. The Store gave me the check back said it was denied.

I gave the Items back so I went to a different store. looking at my account this morning I noticed the Check that was denied was deposited into my account.

They over drew my account now with a check that they denied. Is this Legal?


So sad - I use debit cards all the time. I happened to be at a store that wouldn't take a debit card unless the purchase was $20 or more.

I wrote a check since it was only $6.14. It was declined. Seems my dl is linked to a bank that I have never had an account at. They wanted me to fax a copy of my social security card, my dl, a current bill to prove my address, and other personal info.

Now in this day of technology, why fax this info and why do they need such personal info. Needless to say I won't be shopping again. Seemed to me like a scam for customers to spend more money and use a debit card. I am not through with this company that can cause such embarrassment to a customer.

I can't respect a store that would use them and allow their customer to be embarrassed in such a manner.

Now I have to spend my time to see if what they said is true or not. It is not always that the customer hasn't moved into the "21sr century" as you state...sometimes it's the store...


Pissed in Maryland, We also tried to pay our cell phone bill this morning and got the same *** runaround. They told us our checking account was either closed or invalid.

WRONG, as I was looking at it on the banks website. This makes me angry that a *** company like this can control your life wrongly.


Trying to pay a bill to the same cell phone provider that I have had for 12yrs. Used the same checking information that I have used for the last 5 years never a return check but today Telecheck denied my check?

Myself nor the provider could figure it out. I have NEVER had a return check and have the funds to cover the charge. I am not understanding.

This caused me to have to use my cc when that was not my intent. Telecheck is BS


To So sad: Why would you insinuate that someone who does not use a debit card is abnormal?????? You must be a Democrat.


Purchased an item online yesterday and received an email this morning that Telecheck denied my transfer of funds to this merchant. Tried calling Telecheck "Customer Service" to find out why because I have plenty of money in my account.

I could not even get thru to a real person... just a recording. Now I'm forced to pay with my credit card if I still want this item.

Who are these Telecheck people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


These idiots caused me to use a credit card to make a purchase at Ulta, where I have used my checks for over a year. The message was, "This check not eligible for electronic funds transfer." The clerk and manager at Ulta didn't even know what to do...said they had never seen that reason before.

Now, I am so ticked off at the customer non-service at Ulta that I won't go back. Don't need anything there that badly. When I got home and called Telecheck, they said according to their records the check was approved. Now I get to wait and see if I will get charged twice - once by check and once by credit card.

What the heck country do we live in where this kind of *** can happen?

Any attorneys out there interested in a new class action case? Unbelievable.


Ever heard of moving into the 21st Century and using debit cards like a normal person?

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