West Chester Township, Ohio
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Went to get a battery for our car which had broken down. I have dealt with this auto supply place many times over the years and used a check.

This time the check was denied. When they said Telecheck denied it, I called and got nothing but prompts or go to their website. No live person.

Obviously, they know they are WRONG as you cannot even talk to a live person to find out why something was denied after 38 yrs of writing checks with no issues. They need to be stopped for the unprofessional, disrepectful way they are doing business.

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I have thousands in my bank account and because my check fell outside their established "rules" they have denied my checks twice! It's holiday time you idiots, people write many checks for large amounts.

When it comes directly out of your bank account and there is more than enough to cover it, then your system doesn't work. I had to wait a couple of days (bank closed for the holidays) and just get the cash out of the bank and go back to the store just to get the item because of this ridiculous computer system.


Really? Save you thousands huh? How about the thousands they have cost you. Here's my story.

Unlike others here, I did bounce a check because my automatic insurance payment came out (don't think the bank should be able to do this but they did). I live on a tight budget since the economy hurt my business but I am an equipment buyer.

When I discovered it bounced, I read the reciept I signed a the store. I saw that the check would come back through and I would have to pay a fee to them electronically. So, I went and put my deposit in and paid their fee, the bank fee, and the check. All cleared up within a few days.

Guess what? I can't write a check at the same place I bought equipment anymore. It gives a code 4 and I don't have time to chase down *** garbage.

I have to write checks to track my business. Aggravation to me? A lot! Cost to this merchant about $7,000 a year. (and I have been doing business with them for 12 years with some years exceeding $10,000).

Maybe you should consider humans instead of computers... and I say that being in the IT business. Sometimes humans need to make decisions.

I know myself, I know I have no more charges and you would know it too if someone bounced a check and then paid you and apologized. These are tough times not necessarily dishonest times.

Why don't you ask Telecheck how many people were declined at your place that would not have necessarily had a bad check. I think you will be surprised


The company sucks and a MERCHANT actually complained to me about the company and took my check anyway. That retailer said they were thru with Telecheck denying every check that came thru.

Telecheck sucks ! big time.

No wonder you have saved thousands because they deny every check that comes thru. Possibly you do not have anyone left that pays by check because they are always denied.


This company does a great job! Did you try 1800.366.2424? I have no complaints w/ Telecheck - They have saved me Thousands :)

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