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I was at Walmart and my check was denied. I have never written a bad check and had available funds in my account. The manager took the toy out of my daughters hand while I was trying to take care of the problem.

When I called telecheck they stated I did not have a negative history but couldn't tell me why my check was denied. They stated that my check didn't meet their guidelines, but wouldn't tell me their guidelines because it was a complicated system that they use to factor whether they approve a check or not. Then they told me I could continue to write checks!

I told them I am a consumer and I have the right to know why I was denied for a good check when standing in line with three kids, a cart full of items, and toys being taken out of my daughters' hand. Still no resolution! Is there anyone who takes care of these issues?!!!

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i basicaly had the same problem but when i called they hung up on me three times i asked the lady who i finally got a hold of to give me her last name i asked three people to give me their last name they refused and hung up on me again needless to say im calling a lawyer in the morning.


Big Lots just denied my check for $72 to buy food. I have $2600 in the account.

I will never shop at Big Lots again.

I had been shopping at that store for 20 years & never had a problem. They clearly do not need my business.

Charlestown, Massachusetts, United States #694087

FTC..the more they get the complaints the more of a pattern they can find...File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov/complaint.

They first tried to blow me off, but right on their web site it says for complaints against a retailer...can also call 877-382-4357

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #574463

CVS uses Telecheck. They declined a check that I was using to buy my daughters medication.

Plenty of money in the account. My daughter NEEDED the medication and Telecheck made it impossible for no good reason. I called Telecheck and they said they could not tell me the reason, but maybe it was because there was not a history of this account being used. They suggested attempting to write smaller checks over a period of time and then try the $400 check again.

Great plan when you need medicine right away because of illness. What a worthless company (Telecheck) is and shame on CVS for using Telecheck!


I wrote a check yesterday for the first time in 3 years b/c I misplaced my debit card. It was denied even though I had 25x the amount of the check in the checking account.

I had enough cash on me to buy my items but then I had no cash to give my son for his birthday. I couldn't go to the ATM to get more b/c I did not have a debit card.

WTF! These idiots need to be stopped.


My check was denied code 4. I tried calling the Telecheck 800 number but the only options were to pay for the check or whatever (option 1) and since I paid for the denied merchandise with a credit card I don't owe them any money.

Good luck getting through on their automated system.

You get nowhere, and it takes forever to get nowhere. I never even got to talk to a customer representative at all.


I was denied writing a check at Tractor Supply for not having enough history Telecheck said. When I tried to get a refund on something I purchased at Wal-Mart, they ran my DL and said I had a returned check.

I do NOT have a returned check per Telecheck, they just continue to say I don't have enough history. WTH?


Went to Walmart to get groceries. I showed them my identification and they ran my check.

My check was denied. I called telecheck and got a recording that I may have been spending more than I normally did. What business is it of theirs how I spend my money as long as I have money available in my account. They also wanted more personal information I could have given at the store in person.

This was embarrasing and time comsuming. Now I have to go shopping again to get groceries. I drove 49 miles to get to the store. I will drive farther today and spend more time just so I can not be harassed.

I will be using cash instead of my check or my debit card in the future. It seems like our freedoms are being taken away one at a time. Or maybe this is a wakeup call for us to quit depending on banks. Maybe that is why they are becoming insolvent.

Walmart better be careful, or they will loose more business. If Sam Walton knew what had become of his store, he would be turning over in his grave


On March 17, 2012, I attempted to make a purchase at Sears in Overland Park, Kansas. I wrote a personal check for the purchase in the amount of $325.94 and had ample money in my checking account to cover the purchase. When the clerk attempted to process the check at the register, it was declined by TeleCheck and I was unable to complete the transaction.

On March 19, 2012, I called TeleCheck’s 800-number to determine why I was prevented from making the purchase and was told by "Elaine" (Operator #2925) that TeleCheck had made a mistake processing my transaction and had rejected my check in error. She would not go into detail or give me her last name. TeleCheck's Denial Record for this transaction is #2353642.

TeleCheck is a private company operating as an unregulated monopoly in what should be a strictly governmental function. As someone who worked for the U.S. government for more than 37 years - mostly for the Internal Revenue Service - I can assure you that not even the IRS has the ability to void a citizen's retail transaction at the point of sale. TeleCheck's ability to void consumer purchases, at will and with impunity, is frightening. As a diabetic, I am concerned that the next time I need to purchase insulin or other diabetic supplies, TeleCheck will prevent me from getting my medicine. I live in fear that – through no fault of my own – TeleCheck can keep me from purchasing the food I need to sustain my life. Additionally, companies like Sears lose business they would have been able to conduct if it weren’t for TeleCheck processing glitches – a lose/lose situation.

I have filed a complaint regarding this matter with the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection and I have written to my Congressman, asking him to investigate this matter and legislate this unnecessary and, frankly, evil institution out of existence. I have also sent written copies of my complaint to Sears, my credit union and TeleCheck. I stand ready, willing and able to assist in shutting down this or any other non-governmental entity that has an undue stranglehold over free enterprise and the lives of any American citizens who write checks for their day-to-day purchases... including those for food, medicine and other necessities of life. You can count me in if anyone wishes to file a class action suit against TeleCheck. My wife is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of California. We would love to drive this vermin out of business.

to Steve New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #601622

DUUUH-- Have your wife the attorney file a class action suit- then you will be rich. Why hasn't your wife filed a class action suit?

I do not sympathize with TELECHECK-- they did the same thing to me on my personal account i have had for over 25 years, heve written probably 750 checks to Wal Mart and other retailers and today TELECHECK declined my check.

i called and entered the 36 different numbers they wanted, got a telecheck rep. in BFE somewhere who couldn't speak english, but tELECHECK is a US co.-- check declined 'CODE 2'- they could not tell me what code "2' meant as the reason for declining the check Telecheck says they can't tell me the reason but it is all straightened out- or so they say- I don't believe them--first their bS made it sound like they were protecting me, then, it was Wal Mart's fault, then they couldn't tell me the reason because it was confidential.


I too got denied at Walmart. I have more than $2,000 in my account and I tried to write a check for 158.44.

I was told that I wrote a bad check for 95.24 March of 2011. I never write checks at walmart. I just left my debit card at home today. I don't write them because they don't give them back to you.

When I called Telecheck, they refered me back to the store. They have no record of me at telecheck nor at the store. I called my bank and Walmart employees did not want to talk to may bank. I have it in writing that I don't owe them any money and walmart continues to refuse to help me.

The store refers me back to telecheck. Somebody needs to be sued.


I also had the pleasure of getting my check declined by TeleCheck's "risk guidelines." I had MORE than enough money to buy what I intended to (a wireless router so that I could Skype with my parents, who are 3000 miles away) at Best Buy, yet they declined my transaction. When I called them, they could only tell me some pre-canned answer that they "didn't have enough 'history'" on me to validate my purchase, and that I should write more checks!

HOW CAN I WRITE CHECKS TO BUILD A HISTORY WITH THEM IF THEY DECLINE THEM??? The only thing I can think of is that I bank with a local credit union (I like the control) and not one of their pre-approved, corrupt banks (cough CHASE cough).

Anyways I will be writing a letter to Best Buy explaining to them why exactly they lost $129.99 of my business. I doubt they will care, but if we don't make a noise then this kind of behavior goes unpunished.

to Kyle Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1186887

use a debit card


I was just denied by telecheck at Sears. I came home and called the number they provided.

I was disconnected 4 times without ever allowing me to speak to a live person. I wrote a 105.00 check and have over $6000.00 in my checking account, but they denied me. This is quite embarrassing!

Maybe we should document our problems and contact our representatives to see if we can get telecheck, checked out!!! I would love to see the feds on their A$$E$.


wow walmart telecheck sucks sorry i have over 5,500 dollars in the bank and wanted to do my christmas shopping ... it came out to 670 something they denied it...

now i cant go to the bank because its closed and i lost my card...

thanks for messing up christmas by the way... your customer support was the worst i have ever had by far...


I feel your pain. I have had just about every check I present denied by telecheck.

I have no choice but to use checks against a trust account and it has been a living nightmare. I am in on any lawsuit or any kind of action anyone can conger up to stop this nonsense. I am absolutely sick of it. As stated above it is embarrassing and totally unnecessary!!!

Verify funds and presenter - fine but deny with no valid reason is harassment.

I have voided so many checks it is ridiculous - and this cost money - who will reimburse me for that - not to mention the travel to the store, the time spent at the store to walk out with nothing! It is money that I am allowed to spend so why the *** can't I - is there something in it for them - for every dollar I don't spend??!!!


I have never been so angry in my life.. check denied because of "not enough history" I've written checks out of this account for 15 years.....

This company really needs an overhaul.... yes Im interested in filing a lawsuit against them....


I am very upset, I went to Walmart to purchase items and my check was denied with a code 2. I called TelCheck and they said that my account was linked to a bank in another city.

I told them that I was the only one that uses that account and I do not loan out my ID. Then they told me it was ok to start using my check, but who is going to pay me for my check when they keep canceling them.

I ask for the information, so that it could be given to the Federal saving so they could figure out what is going on, they told me that they could not give that information to a third party, I ask if they could sent it to the bank and they denied. As a consumer what is my rights.


I have just had a check denied at Best Buy. After pressing about 50 different buttons I finally got a human to speak to and they told me that this was the second one I had written to a telecheck merchant (Wal-Mart and this one at Best Buy) and this raised suspicion on my account. There was no other reason.

They told me that I could continue to write checks, but that at random they had the right to deny me again.

EXCUSE ME!!! This is NOT a right! The are stepping into personal boundaries. I have no negative ratings therefore this is just harassment as far as I could tell. I intend to contact the BBB, possibly my local news (consumer reporter) and I agree with Danor1953, if anyone wants to start a class action, I'm certainly in. This is harassment and embarasing to say the least. My email is harassment2011@gmail.com


I was just denied a check at Walmart as well. I called telecheck and they told me they have had lots of reports of check fraud in my area so they are just selecting people at random to deny checks.

I was so mad!!! Im calling the BBB to report them.

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