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My check had been denied when presented at Wal-Mart a few times recently. I called my credit union, who said there was nothing wrong with my checks or the numbers. Their speculation was the ink and paper was not readable by the scanners.

I called Telecheck, and asked why the checks were denied, and what were the reason codes. After entering in my information on the automated system, as well as repeating it for the customer service rep, calling my husband and interrupting his meeting because they needed his driver's license number, the problem was they had my credit union's routing number listed as a driver's license number, and the negative information was deleted. I "should" be able to write checks again.

I think it is ridiculous how a third-party (I guess fourth-party) company stands in they way of your transactions. If Wal-Mart is so big that they have their own bank, why do they contract a terrible company that can't keep their data straight?

I have yet to try writing another check at Wal-Mart after just getting off the phone with them, but if it continues, i will be complaining a lot more than just this once.

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Thats nothing....I had a simular problem with Telecheck. I shop at walmart on a dail basis.

I had gotten a large inheritance and was spending most of my money there. After writing a lot large checks telecheck denied my checks. So I called them and spoke with them to ask why this was happening and they said it was the number and amounts of my checks. I asked them if any had bounced and they told me no.

I asked how many had cleared and they said all but 2 (at that time). So I asked what I needed to do and they asked who I banked with and I told them so they put me on hold for like 5-10 mins (while the whole time I am holding up the line and that check that I was trying to process was only $50). They came back on the line to tell me that my bank was closed and wanted me to give them the automated number along with my account number and password or told me I could call on 3way so that they could verify that there was money in my account. At the time there was $30,000 in there.

Anyways I hadnt set up the automated system at the time. So they refused to do it. Now mind you this was like the 3rd time I had talked to this company. They had told me the day before that they would verify my account was in good standing and everything would be ok by that evening.

Needless to say they never did let me right a check on that account again at walmart. But it would go thru at some other places that had telecheck. I ended up having to get a diffrent bank account so I didnt have to carry large sums of money with me.

To me this is crazy I havent bounced a check since I was 18 and I am now 29. I hate telecheck.

Good Luck with them holding up to thier word!!!

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