I go to write a $30.00 check at my local hardware using my local bank check, drawing from my business account with thousands of dollars in there and they deny my check making me not only feel like a deadbeat, but so much wasted time and effort on what is painfully WRONG!!! When do these dumb *** "checks and balances" become so aggrivating and disruptive that somebody will figure out a way to stop *** up a simple transaction!

What has the world come too!

So if it is after 5pm and I havent pulled out enough cash, my small business just has to stop, my clients needs arent met, and I have to sign up for a card that will cost me more money? When will this madness stop?

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #604196

If it is after 5:00PM your clients are already on hold, so that comment doesn't mean anything. Google Telecheck and find out why they refuse checks. When you find that out you might be glad that they do so.

to anonymous Norfolk, Virginia, United States #611823

This is all bull. When you have all this money in a bank and have no access to it, what good is a checking account anymore.

The pissed off consumers are the ones who have money and yet can not use it. Well companies are loosing money as apposed to getting it. From now on I will only use companies that are not associated with telecheck because I will not be embarrassed any longer by this system. When you have 10,000.00 in an account and are declined for 75.00 there is something wrong with this system.

All I can say is class action law suit needs to be filed to eliminate this problem. What the *** is America coming to.

to Melissa Cleveland, Ohio, United States #650303

Telecheck has no access to your bank account's balances. They in fact have no access to anything besides the information their customers provide them with. The customers are the businesses that accept checks (Walmart, etc.). So, the only thing that telecheck EVER sees for a successful transaction is the information you give to the cashier at the checkout - the stuff printed on the bottom of the check, perhaps a scan of the check, and any ID number/phone number if you got asked for it. If your check submitted for payment bounces, the business provides them with that information as well.

So, all that telecheck works off is this information, and they really just apply some algorithms (mathematical formulas) to estimate how likely is a given transaction to be fraudulent. They get paid a ton of money for it by the businesses as well. Their service is, by design, grossly biased against the consumer - they only care about false approvals, not false declines. They essentially try to "protect" the business at all costs, even if the businesses' customer gets pissed off!

The idea may be sound on paper if you're an MBA with your head up your behind. In practice the information telecheck has access to is wildly insufficient to provide sufficiently accurate answers. Thus a lot of people who are doing nothing wrong get their checks declined.

This all can be deduced just from the patterns of complaints on this site, I'm pretty *** sure I'm right about it in spite of never having worked for telecheck.

to Kaon #657134

Yeah you're wrong. They do have access to at least query whether or not there are sufficient funds in an account. The bank may have to subscribe as well as the merchant but at least in some cases they do.

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